Northern Goju Karate

About Us

Located on Level 1 at the 'Laurimar Town Centre', Northern Goju Karate (NGK) offers coaching, tuition and education to students of all ages (from the age of 6 through adult) in traditional 'Goju' fashion with modern day influences.

Our aim is to continually help students progress effectively through their karate journey in an enjoyable atmosphere, whilst offering excellent knowledge in self defence strategies and techniques, and to motivate our students to aspire to greater accomplishments.

NGK prides itself on giving our students the best possible training in a friendly and caring environment.


About Sensei Adrian Delia

Sensei Adrian Delia is the Chief Instructor of Northern Goju Karate and is a fully qualified 3rd Dan Black Belt Karate Instructor with 30 years of Goju karate experience and 24 years teaching experience. He is an NCAS Level 1 Coach (Nationally Recognised Coach, Accredited by the AKF), and has his Level 2 First Aid. He is also recognized as a certified coach by the MAA. 

Sensei Adrian is praised for his high level of motivational, communication and technical skills in 'Karate', 'Arnis', and 'Ground Awareness', whilst creating a fun and exciting class environment for all to enjoy.

Sensei Adrian has instructed many students to the prestigious Black Belt grade, and higher levels, and has also trained many State and National Champions.

Sensei Adrian's aim is to pass on his karate knowledge and to continually help students progress effectively through their karate journey in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, whilst offering excellent knowledge in self defence strategies and techniques, and to motivate our students to aspire to greater accomplishments in both karate and in their everyday lives.


About Sensei Steven Langton

Sensei Steven is a 3rd Dan Instructor at Northern Goju Karate and has a vast history with Goju, being lucky enough to have trained under Kyoshi Tino Ceberano's tutelage (Kyoshi Tino Ceberano studied under Gogen Yamaguchi, and was his successor, bringing Goju to Australia). Sensei Steven provides a world of knowledge and understanding to techniques and technical application. Anyone lucky enough to train with Sensei Steven will appreciate his attitude towards karate and being a karate-ka.

Due to personal commitments, Sensei Steven moved to Canada in 2014, and will be missed by all who were privileged to train with him. Sensei Steven does keep in contact with Sensei Adrian Delia, is is always welcome back to the dojo when he returns to Melbourne to visit family and friends. 


About Sempai Mohamed Tayeh

Sempai Mohamed is a 2nd Dan Instructor at Northern Goju Karate and has a great outlook on martial arts, the discipline martial arts brings, and an appreciation for the respect and honor associated with karate. He is also a qualidied Physio Therapist and has a great understanding of the human body.

Sempai Mohamed is dedicated to excellence and strives for the best always within himself and with every student he teaches, and we are sure that you will appreciate his time and instruction.


About Sempai Justin Gillivour 

Sempai Justin is a 2nd Dan Black Belt Instructor at Northern Goju Karate and is perfect example of what karate can offer to anyone who is willing to work hard.

Sempai Justin started his karate journey under Sensei Adrian's tutelage when he was 8 years old, and was faced with a physical disadvantage (dwarfism), but with hard work, dedication, perseverance, and a focus on what he needed to do to defend himself, Sempai Justin excelled in all aspects of training.

Sempai Justin has a great understanding of Goju Techniques and has great communication skills and patients. Sempai Justin is also a Secondary School teacher, hence his knowledge in passing on skills and knowledge and his communication skills are amazing. All who have trained under/with Sempai Justin appreciate all he has to offer. 


About Sempai Eireen Daskalou 

Sempai Eireen is a 2nd Dan Instructor at Northern Goju Karate, and always brings a smile to the class. She is a perfectionist and is dedicated to always doing her best.

Sempai Eireen is a serious Tournament contender and competitor, regularly taking home three 1st place trophies at each and every tournament she attends. Her Kata is faultless and executed with precision, and is enjoyable to watch. Her speed, timing and distance in sparring is brilliant.

Sempai Eireen is seen upon as an 'Idol' by many at the dojo and is recognized by all for her technical skill.


About Sempai Alannah Conboy   

Sempai Alannah is a Black Belt Instructor at Northern Goju Karate and has trained under Sensei Adrian Delia's tutelage since 2012.

Sempai Alannah received her Black Belt in mid 2017.

Her maturity, her professional, her enthusiasm, and her ability control and communicate to students, coupled with her high level of skill and determination, is truly respected and appreciated.


About Sempai Mackenzie Knight

Sempai Mackenzie received her Black Belt in Mid 2017 after many dedicated years of training, and a great performance at her grading.

Sempai Mackenzie is known for her dedication and commitment to her chosen art.

Sempai Mackenzie is a pleasure to have in the dojo, and has taken up teaching/assisting with classes since the beginning of 2018.

Sempai Mackenzie is a skillful technician and karat-ka who rarely used those skills in tournaments, but in Rd 1 of NAS (Vic) 2018, Sempai Mackenzie was not given a choice, and upon competing, took home two First Places and a Third Place, emphasizing her aquired skills over the years. 


About Sempai Callum Atwell

Sempai Callum Atwell is highly motivated and energetic Black Belt at Northern Goju Karate.

Sempai Callum began his training with NGK in 2014 after a move away from his previous karate centre, coming to us and being regraded to our syllabus based on what he knew. He was always eager to show his leant and gained skills, and over the years he has been with us, Sempai Callum has shown much growth and maturity and is now helping with classes and instruction.

Sempai Callum has always competed, and it is because of his competitive nature that many of his accomplishments have been as successful as they are, including State and National Titles. 


About Sempai Richard Duff 

Sempai Richard is a 1st Kyu and has been assisting with Junior Classes since the beginning of 2017, alongside his own training.

Sempai Richardstudied Martial Arts (Karate) when he was younger, and returned to Karate training in his adulthood. Whilst he had some skills already, Sempai Richard was open to learning and relearning, and has improved and honed his skills as a practitioner and as a coach, and is a great asset to the dojo.

Sempai Richard aims to receive his Black Belt at the end of 2018 or commencement of 2019, and continue to progress from there to higher grades too.