Northern Goju Karate

The Grading System

The grading system at NGK is progressive in nature and rewards students for hard work and dedication, designed to take students from their White Belt to Black Belt, and beyond.

At regular intervals, students are checked on grading criteria related to their personal development as karatekas (karate students) in line with the Grading Syllabus, to ensure that students are always up to standards.

When a student's 'progress check' is done, and the student shows that they understand and can demonstrate the skills required for that particular check, the student will be rewarded with a 'belt tag' in recognition for their hard work.

Essentially, students are required to obtain 5 'belt tags' through each belt before being able to attend and attempt a grading, and if successful, their new belt and certificate can be awarded.

Gradings are held at the Dojo, but are seperate to the class timetable, as a seperate scheduled event.

Students will always be advised in advance when the next grading is scheduled, and students can check the 'NEWS' page for any information relating to upcoming gradings, and grading results, along with other relevant information.


The Belt System